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Whatever Comes Next, Jeremy Lin Is Ready For It


Howard Megdal Contributor


Tuesday night in Toronto, an injury to Kevin Huerter opened up a starting opportunity for Jeremy Lin, his first of the season with the Atlanta Hawks.
在多伦多周二晚上, 凯文-赫尔特的受伤为林书豪打开了首发机会, 这也是他本赛季在亚特兰大老鹰队的第一次首发。

Naturally, this being Lin, the results were precisely in line with the elite level he plays at when given a chance to feel the game and mold his approach to it — 20 points on ten shots, nine assists, and a challenge of the vaunted Raptors on the road.
当然,这就是林,当他有机会感受到比赛并塑造自己的比赛方法时, 结果与他所发挥的精英水平完全吻合–在客场10次投篮、9次助攻,在挑战自负的猛龙中拿下20分。

“I feel like when you play a lot more minutes you get more rhythm, you can read the game a little bit more,” Lin said Wednesday night in Brooklyn, prior to Atlanta’s game against the Nets. “You get more opportunities. I’m going out there every night trying to do my best, and some nights it is what it is, but I think it’s just the flow or the rhythm… Maybe the way it works in terms of just having the ball constantly, feeling it, touching it. I don’t know, but I just try to do my best in whatever role I get, I’m handed. I’ve been fortunate to have some big breakout games in my time.”
“我觉得当你打更多的時間, 你会得到更多的节奏, 你可以更多的解读比赛,” 林书豪在布鲁克林周三晚上亚特兰大对阵篮网的比赛之前说 。“你得到更多的机会。我每晚在場上試著做到最好, 有的晚上就是这样, 但我认为这只是走势或节奏…。也许它奏效的方式就只是持续的持球、感受球、以及触球一样。我不知道, 但无论我得到什么角色, 我都会尽力做到最好, 我也做到了。我一直很幸运,在我的上场时间中总有一些大突破的比赛。”

The guard best-known for his rise off the bench back in 2011-12 with the Knicks certainly has had some big breakout games, as he put it, and that’s continued since he left New York. Tuesday was merely the latest one — back in his Houston tenure, for instance, an injury to James Harden thrust him into the Harden role, and 38 points against the San Antonio Spurs followed.
这位后卫最为人熟知的是他在 2011-12年尼克斯時期从替补席上崛起, 他肯定经历了一些重要的突破性比赛, 正如他所说的, 这种情况自他离开纽约以来一直持续著。周二只是最近的一次-- 例如,在休斯顿期间,詹姆斯-哈登受伤而把他推入哈登的角色,紧接着就是[对阵圣安东尼奥马刺队获得38分](https://www.basketball-reference.com /boxscores/201212100HOU.html)。

Interestingly, this came not from an injury to the man he’s backing up, Trae Young, but rather from the two of them playing in tandem. Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce paired them in both the third and fourth quarters Wednesday night in Brooklyn as well.
有趣的是,这次不是来自他替补对象特雷-杨的受伤,而是因为他们两人搭档上场比赛。周三晚上, 老鹰队主教练劳埃德-皮尔斯在对布鲁克林的第三和第四节都让他们两人同时搭档。

“A lot of it was a result of yesterday,” Pierce said following the game. “And anytime we get an opportunity to do so, we want to do it.”
皮尔斯赛后说: "很多都是昨天的结果。“每当我们有机会这样做的时候, 我们都想这样做。”

What makes it notable, beyond just the additional way this allows Atlanta another look, is what it may mean to teams considering a trade for Lin, in the final year of his contract. Over the years, he’s typically been more effective in that primary ball handler role, and he remains a logical option for teams like the Magic, the Pistons, even the Suns if they ever want to get around to adding a legitimate point guard.
值得注意的是, 这除了让亚特兰大重新审视的额外方式外, 这对考虑交易合同最后一年的林书豪,这些球队来说, 可能意味着什么。多年来, 他在主要控球者的角色上通常会更有效, 对于魔术、活塞, 甚至太阳这样的球队来说, 如果他们想增加一个合理的控卫, 他仍然是一个合乎逻辑的选择。

But Lin can also help teams in need of a combo guard, someone who can space the floor. He’s finishing at the most efficient level of his career, making nearly 56 percent of his twos, and is sinking more than 36 percent of his threes, even after a recent 2-for-14 stretch.
但林也可以帮助那些需要双能卫的球队,一个可以拉开空间的人。 他完成了职业生涯最高效2分球接近56%,即使在最近的14投2中之后他的三分球有点下沉但命中率仍是超过36%。

The problem may well be that Lin is too valuable, even for a Hawks team clearly playing for the long-term, in the development of Trae Young. He serves as Young’s backup and mentor in one, and as the Hawks manage Young’s minutes down the stretch, he’ll be ever more important to them simply as a necessary complement in both ball handling and the player Pierce uses to teach Young how to do things the right way.
问题也许是林太有价值,即使是对于長遠计划明确是为了培養特雷-楊的老鹰来说。他同时作为杨的替补和导师,而且随着老鹰处理特雷杨关键时刻的上场时间,对他们来说, 他将比以往任何时候都更重要, 单纯就是作为一个控球上必要的补充,同时更是皮尔斯用来教杨成为一个如何用正确的方式做事的球员。

“I talk about Jeremy Lin being the stabilizer,” Pierce said. “It was great to have them start, both those guys last night and play well together last night. But I always have Jeremy kind of in the back pocket. If you feel like Trey’s doing too much, trying too much, or in a bad situation. You can always just play Jeremy, and you can always play them together. I can always play them together.”
皮尔斯说: "我说的是林书豪是稳定器。"很高兴他们能首发, 昨晚的这两个球员在一起打得很好。但我总是有书豪作为我的秘密武器。如果你觉得特雷做得太多, 尝试太过, 或者情况不好。你总是可以直接上书豪, 你也总是可以让他们一起上场。我总是可以让他们一起上场的。”

Where that leaves Lin, he doesn’t know. He’s played for seven NBA teams already, all by age 30. So he’s decided to just keep playing and let what is beyond his control happen.
哪儿是林的归处, 他不知道。在30岁前他已经效力过7只NBA球队了。所以他决定持续打比赛, 让自己无法控制的事情发生。

“You know, nine years in, and so I’m going to give you a very stock answer, but it’s very true like, you control what you can control,” Lin said. “And I’ve been in every type of situation. I’ve been cut, I’ve been traded, I’ve been signed to great situations and gotten hurt, so really, it’s one day at a time, whatever’s in front of me. I mean, there’s no point in thinking about it, or worrying about it to be honest.”
“你知道,九年了,所以我会给你一个标准答案,但这是非常正确的,你控制你控制得了的东西,”林说。 “而且我遇到过各式各样的情况。我被裁掉,我被交易,我签了很好的情况卻受伤,所以真的,不管我面前是什么,就是活在当下 。我的意思是,没有必要考虑它,或者去担心它,老实说。“

Especially when Lin keeps showing that whether starting or coming off the bench, playing point or off the ball, he’s as valuable an NBA player as he’s ever been.


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