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Atlanta Hawks: 3 Trades That Will Transform Future

by Chris Guest1 day ago Follow @TheChrisGuest

Atlanta Hawks



The framing of this deal is far more like a salary dump, but the payoff in the short-term for the Magic is definitely not quite as tangible as it would be for either the Grizzlies or the Pelicans.

The Magic would be able to nab a young player in this deal (Tyler Dorsey), which would be the sweetener with which the Hawks could obtain a protected first round pick from the Magic as Orlando looks to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2011-12 season.
魔术队将能够在这笔交易中获得一名年轻球员(Tyler Dorsey),随着奥兰多期待他们自2011-12赛季以来第一次的季后赛,老鹰可以从魔术队获得受保护的首轮选秀权作为添头。

The Atlanta Hawks would have to eat the final year of Timofey Mozgov’s 4-year/$64 million deal that was signed in the fateful summer of 2016, but that would be a small price to pay for the chance at a flyer on Melvin Frazier and a future first round pick.
亚特兰大老鹰将不得不吃掉提莫费莫兹戈夫在2016命运转变之年的夏天签下的4年期/ 6400万美元合约的最后一年,但这对于一个很快的机会获得马尔文费雷吉尔和未来首轮选秀权,这不是很大代价。

The Hawks should be in full asset acquisition mode, and if that means taking on terrible salary, so be it.

For the Magic, Jeremy Lin would help tide over their point guard woes, and he could combine with the serviceable D.J. Augustin to create a solid platoon at the PG spot. Beyond that, the Atlanta Hawks could include Dorsey in this deal for salary-matching as well as to provide some high-upside young talent going back to the Magic.

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改了一個錯字,為什麼會有老虎隊出現? :joy:

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這是猜測的? 還是真的

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目前應該都是YY的 :yum:

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問一下,如果真的有交易,最慢大概什麼時候會截止,我老是記不起來交易截止日!5 今年林被交易走,我真是從床上嚇醒,完全不敢置信,希望如果有交易,我也能夠樂醒! 希望我林能去一隻好球隊!13






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可是老鷹是飛禽,老虎是走獸,那個差很大耶,S! google也太不專業了! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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那全明星是什麼時候? 今年要幫我們阿林刷一下全明星的票嗎? 去年他受傷,我就不好意思刷了!

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我還是有天天投耶,全明星是投喜歡的球員,俺林雖然受傷俺還是最喜歡他,當然還是投投投啊 :sunglasses:

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NBA Trade Rumors: Jeremy Lin An Option For Utah Jazz

By Ryan Joseph

Dec 23, 2018 08:50 PM

With a healthy season ahead of him, it comes to no surprise that Jeremy Lin is now gaining interest in his play. After a forgettable stint with the Brooklyn Nets where he only played a total of 37 games, the American-Asian is now wowing NBA fans with his offensive showcase.

The obvious reason here is that Lin is healthy. The past years, Linsanity has had to deal with the injury bug, the last of which targeted his hamstring and knees. Since being traded to the Atlanta Hawks back in July, he has been wreaking havoc on the opposition. He currently averages 10.8 points per game on top of 2.3 rebound and 3.1 assists in 18 minutes of action.

So why would the Jazz want to consider him? Lin can be the answer to head coach Quin Snyder’s woes. Utah has been struggling on the offensive end, particularly the drives and the perimeter shooting. The Jazz only has a 47.3-percentage off drives and a woeful 54.6-percent from the field on pull-ups, Bleacher Report said.

The Jazz were one of the favorites this season in the Western Conference, largely because of their playoff run last NBA season. But unless they find a way to score efficiently, their 2018-19 NBA campaign may end up a bust.

Lin is just one option. Seeing how he holds a 53.7-percent off drives and a 54.6-percentage from the field, the Harvard University standout could be the much-needed help Donovan Mitchell needs in Utah. But of course, the Jazz need other players to help out.

Another player they could add is Kent Bazemore. Though his shooting has been erratic, he could help jack up the offensive of the Jazz. Should Lin and Bazemore be it, the Jazz will have to skim through their current roster and figure out who they will offer in exchange.

There are several names mentioned like Dante Exum, Thabo Sefolosha, and Ricky Rubio. From afar, it also looks like a salary dump with Utah looking to unload players with fat salaries. Bazemore does carry a hefty contract of $19.3 million and also has a player option after the season. Hence, even if the trade materializes, it may only be good for the current season since he may opt to check out free agency.

The Jazz could be up there looking to address their offensive woes once the February trade deadline comes around. If not, Snyder may be forced to find a way to win with his current team and see how far they can get.

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