【记录】2018-19 unfair calls on Lin/对林的不公正判罚

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190320 VS OKC Q2 10:25
Jeremy Lin was interrupted by the help defender while attempting his layup and got knocked to the floor. The whole process was so smooth, as if hitting Lin with the defender’s knee is something permitted with the ref watching the action silently.

190320 VS OKC Q4 10:17
What else we can say about this play? ‘The defender hit Lin on his head? No way he made the shot if he really got hit with such physical condition.’ That might’ve be the thought process of the ref.

190317 VS DET Q1 8:40 and 5:30
This is not double standard. This is discrimination. Is this sports? I prefer to call this an ugly business scam. If this is a sports competition, where is the most basic fairness going? When you attack, others can push you down, and you were called turnovers and misses. You defend, your opponent drive as will, with whatever misses they get the foul calls in favor of them! Disgusting!

190310 VS MIA Q1 3:53
Right in front of the referee at the sideline, Dragic first stepped on Jeremy Lin’s left foot with his right foot, and when Lin tried to get away from the attack, he kicked him with his left ankle that hit Lin in the air – the referee ignored it.

190310 VS MIA Q1 0:05
Lin smacked Wade’s pass away, and chased the ball before Dragic did. At the very least, it was a 50/50 ball as both lost their balance. But Dragic actually sat on Jeremy’s knee with his whole body weigh. And they charged Lin with a foul.

190310 VS MIA Q4 7:20
Olynyk lowered his shoulder, bumped, and lowered his shoulder, bumped. With both Jeremy’s hands never placed behind Olynyk, so it shouldn’t be a pushing foul committed by Lin. The ref called Lin a foul anyway. You be the judge, was Lin hitting Olynyk’s shoulder with his chest muscle?

190308 VS NOP Q4 10:27 and Q4 7:50
Above, when the opponent No. 21 squeezed through Ibaka’s pick-and-roll, he had already pressed Jeremy Lin out of his position.
In the picture below, even though it was Lowry’s foul on No.15, these two foul-calls were cleary double-standard.

190308 VS NOP Q4 9:04
Randall clearly hit Lin’s lay-up hand while defending him, with the ball didn’t leave Lin’s hand when it happened. Like usual, no foul was called.

190308 VS NOP Q3 0:30 and 0:20
An offense possession followed by a defense possession.
The opponent no. 15 never stayed in front of Jeremy Lin from beginning to end, but pushed and knocked him all the way, also put both his arm on Lin at the end, clearly foul him.
When the same guy did a lay-up, Lin ran along with him without contact, but was called for fouling.

190305 Raptors VS Rockets Q4 10:08
This play was a foul on Jeremy Lin, not a block. Nene squeezed in and leaned on Lin, use his body but not his hand to press on Jeremy when he released his layup, caused him lost his balance and fell. Nene collected a block instead of being called foul.

190305 Raptors VS Rockets Q4 9:49
This is no doubt a foul on Jeremy Lin. The ref stood stood steps away without calling it.

190113 VS MIL(雄鹿)

Q1 04:04
Jeremy Lin drove, attempted a lay-up on Brook Lopez, and got hit in the hand by him, but no foul was called >:(

190113 VS MIL Q2 06:35
Bledsoe hit Lin’s arm from behind very hard when Jeremy was hugging the ball tightly. It was impossible for Bledsoe to have gotten to the ball from his angle without hitting Lin, which was exactly what he did. Lin was knocked to the ground, yet, the referee did not blow his whistle, even though he stood only 30 cm in front of the scene.

190113 VS MIL Q2 02:33
When Lin attempted a fade away shot, his opponent hit his hand and tried to hide it right after. Jeremy’s protest went ignored.

190113 VS MIL Q3 06:25
Bledsoe tried to go hard on Lin to make a case but was well-defended by Lin. This should have been a jump ball or travel call on Bledsoe, as he would have only been able to travel in order to get away from Lin grabbing the ball.

190113 VS MIL Q4 08:57
Still in front of the referee, Jeremy Lin received a hand-off from Len. Bledsoe hit and pushed Lin from behind, causing him to drop the ball. He dove onto it, which led to a jump ball, even though it should have been a foul call on Bledsoe.

190113 VS MIL Q4 03:33
When Jeremy Lin drove by Bucks number 13, the latter did an obvious hand-check foul on his first action. As Lin scrambled to the basket with no. 13 continuing to use his body to press on Lin, he was unable to take off, resulting in him missing the easy layup. From the first action to the last one under the basket, at least 2 fouls were missed by the referee.

190113 VS MIL Q4 01:30
When Jeremy Lin jumped up to cleanly block Bucks no. 20, he was unfairly called for a foul.

190109 VS TOL (猛龙)

Q4 10:30
Dedmon passed Jeremy Lin the ball on his cut, but Lin was pushed down onto the floor. There was no foul call, but a turnover was given to Dedmon.

190109 VS TOL
Q4 06:33
Jeremy Lin drove from perimeter, got hit in the hand, and dropped the ball. There was no whistle but a turnover was recorded on him.

181227 vs Pacers(步行者)

Q1 00:03

The last play of 1st Q should be a three-point play but no foul was called.

Q2 02:59

2nd quarter with 2:59 to go, Jeremy Lin got his hand hit by Collison when getting by him but he was called out of bounds turnover instead.

181214 vs BOS (凯尔特人)

Q3 05:28

When splitting up two opponents getting to the rim, Jeremy Lin got hit by Rozier on his left lap just above the knee. No call from the ref who stood 5ft away watching!

(罗奇尔明显的犯规, 一掌打到了林的膝盖上方,裁判就在5米外,视野良好,但没有吹哨)

181119 vs LAC (快船)

Q3 1:11

Harrell hit Lin’s face with his elbow as he took off for a shot. Lin was called for defensive foul.

181117 vs IND (步行者)

Q2 00:31

Why is there no foul call on this play? Should be a 2 and 1!

Q4 03:45 and 00:50

Double standard at it most… Lin got a offensive foul call, the other exact same move and he was called for defensive foul.
(这2个动作,林一个被吹 进攻犯规,另一个被吹 防守犯规)

181115 vs DEN (掘金)

Q3 06:01

Definitely intentional and flagrant!

181113 vs GSW (勇士)

Q2 11:57

Definitely intentional. A flagrant foul should be called.

181111 vs LAL(湖人)

Q1 00:51

A flagrant foul should be called

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