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看开头感觉是很有意思的文章,有空也许可以分享一下? @Jlinhkfan

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Sorry S, I’ve cancelled my subscription already. :disappointed: Luckily, I just found that someone posted a summary of the article on Reddit. Here is the summary that he posted.
P.S. Sorry that I have to post in English because I am out of town right now. Hope you find the summary is useful. Cheers! :rose:

Dedmon is going to be a Hawk for the rest of the year and doesn’t want a buyout

The Hawks interest in Fultz was legit and the Hawks offered Cleveland’s top 10 protected pick (once is conveys it’ll be 2 seconds) for him

Schlenk didn’t like any of the offers for Dedmon or Lin, Dedmon specifically didn’t even fetch a second despite the talk of his value.

The consensus around Lin is that if a situation that grants him more playing time is found he will ask for a buyout, the only issue being the fact that a lot of teams are already set at PG, anyways expect us to look at guards with our 2 roster spots

Tyler Dorsey actually requested a trade

If the Hawks didn’t have Trae they would’ve offered more for Fultz

Talks about Prince and Baze happened but they were never serious or progressed far

Schlenk agrees that the lottery odds will disappoint a lot of teams (shots at bottom 3 lol)

Schlenk may trade some of our 2019 second round picks if 5 rookies is too many for next year

All credit for this goes to Chris Kirschener of the Athletic.

Just found that jlinportal has posted the full article. Here you are.

Why Hawks stayed quiet at deadline and addressing potential buyouts plus Fultz interest

Dewayne Dedmon texted his agent and asked if he had the answer to his future. Dedmon’s agent, Mike Silverman, responded with a simple, “We’ll talk at 3 p.m.”

The NBA trade deadline came and went Thursday without Dedmon having to uproot his life. The same goes for Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore or Taurean Prince, who were all shopped around by the Hawks. The only casualties on the Hawks’ roster were Tyler Dorsey, who requested a trade out of Atlanta because he wanted a chance for more playing time, and Daniel Hamilton, who was waived.

Now that leads us to what’s going to happen with Lin and Dedmon, who are both on expiring deals. According to sources, Lin was expected to be moved. It didn’t happen after there wasn’t much interest in acquiring his $12-plus million salary for a backup guard. It turned out the interest in Lin prior to the deadline was a bit exaggerated.

Dedmon not being moved was a surprise to multiple people who spoke with The Athletic. His salary is very movable at $6.3 million with a $900,000 incentive that he’s close to reaching if he starts in 41 games (he’s up to 33 starts). Teams were interested in acquiring the Hawks center, but none of the teams wanted to include a second-round pick, which matched Schlenk’s goal of acquiring future compensation.

Schlenk didn’t talk specific offers, but he did say he listened to numerous pitches but ended up not trading any of the key contributors because the teams didn’t match the Hawks’ goals of future financial flexibility and future draft compensation. Atlanta was not interested in trading for any picks in this year’s draft.

“I think what’s important is staying with our objectives of maintaining,” Schlenk said. “We have five picks in this year’s draft. We feel like even adding five rookies to the team next year might be too many. So when teams would come at us with a second-round pick in this draft, that wasn’t appealing to us for what we may or may not have to do to get that pick. So keeping our flexibility moving forward, not taking money on for next year was a great asset, and we wanted to stay away from those. It’s a balancing act.”

The Hawks could end up buying out the contracts of Lin and Dedmon in the next few weeks before the March 1 deadline, which is when players are still eligible to play on postseason rosters, but the Hawks will not buy their contracts out unless specifically requested to do so. If Lin and Dedmon decide they would rather play for a team contending for the playoffs or they are just not happy, Schlenk will send them on their way. Dedmon made his intentions known to The Athletic on Thursday after a 119-101 loss to Toronto that he plans on playing the rest of the season with the Hawks. Lin wasn’t available for comment after the game as he left the locker room before postgame availability to attend an event celebrating the Chinese New Year with some fans.

“It’s good to know that I’ll be here for the rest of the year,” Dedmon said. “It’s definitely comforting. Whether I was traded or if it didn’t happen, I would’ve been ready for whatever. I’m happy to be here. I have a bond with a bunch of the players on the team.”

What Lin plans to do is unknown right now, but the thought is if he can find a situation that grants him more playing time than what he’s getting now, he’ll leave. The problem is most teams have a starting point guard who is better than Lin at this point in his career. Orlando, a few weeks ago, would have made a lot of sense when it looked like the Magic were going to have a chance to make the playoffs, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

The Magic did make a trade involving a point guard Thursday afternoon. Orlando acquired former No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz in exchange for Jonathon Simmons, a protected 2020 first-round pick and a 2019 second-round pick. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday that Atlanta and Orlando had interest in Fultz.

The team did receive calls about Prince and Bazemore, but talks never seriously progressed with either player. Bazemore said he slept 9 hours and 45 minutes Wednesday night without a worry on his mind. Prince drove to State Farm Arena early Thursday afternoon with the same mindset, although there was a little doubt leading into the day because he was fully aware that his name was in trade conversations.

“I feel good. It’s where I want to be,” Prince said. “I’m just glad to be here with the people I started the season with. We didn’t make too many changes, so it’s good to build with the team that’s here.”

There likely will be new faces in the locker room in the coming two weeks. The Hawks have two open roster spots and have to fill them. Schlenk said the team will start looking at younger players across the league and in the G League. He’ll canvass the waivers, too, and see if any of those players fit and bring some players in on 10-day contracts to see if they fit long-term.

Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce said his involvement with the deadline was minimal. He gave his input on every player and players across the league, but his involvement didn’t go much further past that. That could be of note in regards to Fultz as Pierce was on the Sixers’ bench for five years prior to taking the head coach job with the Hawks.

While the team made zero moves of importance, the goals of the season remain in place — growth and development. Pierce and the staff may be doing too good of a job with that. Out of the bottom nine teams entering Thursday, Atlanta was the only one with a .500 record in its past 10 games with New York and Phoenix losing every one of those games and not at all hiding the fact they are tanking.

Schlenk was asked if he’s at all nervous about the Hawks ending up with worse odds at the No. 1 pick than most predicted at the beginning of the season. He said no, before jokingly saying, “Maybe the next morning.” The truth is not many inside the organization and outside of it thought this team was going to be as “good” as it is. There’s a very real possibility that Memphis and Washington could end up with worse records than Atlanta at the end of the season and end up hurting the team’s lottery odds.

“I’m not naive, and I don’t think any of you guys (the media) are naive to think that we don’t think about that,” Pierce said. “I just came from Philadelphia where that was the conversation for five straight years. But when you’re on the court, not a single thought passes in my mind about draft position.”

With the new, flatter lottery odds, Schlenk believes there’s going to be lots of complaining across the league because teams with better records outside of the top five now have better odds than previously to job inside the top group, much like Sacramento last year jumping from seven to two.

It might have been a quiet and disappointing deadline day for the Hawks, but there doesn’t seem to be much worry inside the organization, which has a solid core with John Collins, Kevin Huerter and Young.

“Growth and development starts with those three guys,” Pierce said. “Now we’re getting Omari (Spellman) into the picture. Everything is tied into how good can this group be. Now with our assets in the future, it’s about what else we can add. We’ve got draft picks, and we’re going to be young next year. We’re going to develop them and see what our second year looks like.”

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What Lin plans to do is unknown right now, but the thought is if he can find a situation that grants him more playing time than what he’s getting now, he’ll leave. The problem is most teams have a starting point guard who is better than Lin at this point in his career. Orlando, a few weeks ago, would have made a lot of sense when it looked like the Magic were going to have a chance to make the playoffs, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

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Latest Lin 's article by Athletic.

Lin on why he felt as likely to be traded as any point in his career

By Chris Kirschner 1h ago

The​ Hawks were​ shopping​ Jeremy​ Lin around for​ weeks​ leading​ up​ to the​ NBA trade​ deadline​ Thursday​ but​​ ended up keeping him on the roster. Lin was aware the Hawks were trying to trade him, and he called it the point in his career at which he felt it was most likely that he was going to get moved.

The Athletic reported after the deadline had passed that the interest in Lin wasn’t as high as the Hawks anticipated it would be, and thus the veteran point guard remained on the roster. Lin said he felt there was just about a 10 percent chance he was going to get moved Thursday based on what his representation had told him.

“I didn’t think it was a huge possibility, but I did think it was the highest in my career,” Lin said.

Atlanta could end up buying out Lin’s contract in the next few weeks before the March 1 deadline for when players are still eligible to be on postseason rosters. But the Hawks will not buy out his contract or any other player’s contract unless specifically requested to do so by the player or his representation.

That’s where Lin’s situation becomes one to monitor during the next few weeks.

Lin said he’s going to let his agent handle the potential buyout conversations. And in what could be a way to deflect giving a direct answer, he said he wasn’t aware of any talks between his agent and the organization in terms of a potential buyout.

“Until I hear otherwise, I’m committed,” Lin said. “I’m here every day, and I think we’ve been playing good. I think in the last 25 games, we’re 12-13. We’re building something. I just want to stay healthy and enjoy the game, and I’ll let my agents do their work.”

If Lin’s representation can find a team that is willing to play him more than the time he’s getting now from the Hawks, he’ll likely request a buyout. Lin has been adamant that coming off the bench isn’t his preferred role, and it never will be. That’s just his competitive nature.

“I’m going to try to do my best, though, with whatever assignment I have,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I don’t have aspirations to be a starter or to get heavy minutes or even to come off the bench and play more or be more involved. Those are all very real thoughts.”

In four of the past five games, Lin hasn’t played more than 20 minutes in each contest. Since his unbelievable November, when he shot 56 percent from the field and 48 percent from 3-point range, his production has dropped considerably. His 3-point shooting went from 48 percent in November to 20 percent in January, and he’s 1-of-7 in February. The inconsistent playing time certainly could be a factor for his drop in production and thus ended up hurting his trade value leading up to Thursday.

Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk has said that one of the big reasons why he acquired Lin through trade in the offseason was to mentor Trae Young, and Lin has done his job there as the two have developed a strong relationship inside the locker room. Schlenk also said one of the biggest reasons why he kept veterans like Lin on the roster instead of trading them for assets that don’t meet the team’s needs is because the chemistry is so strong, and Lin is a big part of that.

But Lin will be a free agent at the end of the season, and his lack of playing time likely isn’t going to land him a lucrative offer when it comes time to sign his next contract. And when asked if he prefers to stay in Atlanta through these next few weeks before the March 1 deadline, Lin, unlike Dewayne Dedmon, who said he’ll be playing with the Hawks through the rest of the year, couldn’t answer directly.

“It’s a tough question because you’re asking me a lot of unknowns,” Lin said. “If you’re telling me, ‘Do I prefer to be here or somewhere else?’ — first off, I don’t know where that somewhere else would be and what it would look like. I can tell you that I enjoy being here. I’m playing some solid basketball. This is a career low in minutes, but I think in the time that I have been playing, I’m trying to make the most of it. I’m going to continue to try to do my best, and as long as I’m here and as long as they want me here, then I’m going to give it my best. That’s what it means to be a pro.”

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所以说林没有意愿buyout的讨论可以停止了,林想buyout, 但前提是能找到一个球队能让他有更大的发挥空间。

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七年前的"林來瘋"是球隊用心培養設計戰術造就出來的嗎?那是一個從天而降的意外和震撼,挑戰了一向非黑即白的優越感。事實上,"林來瘋"之後隨之而來的的是對書豪沒有間斷過的質疑、歧視、放棄、看衰、打壓、傷害⋯⋯。說實在的,除了我們這些喜歡書豪的球迷以外,整個NBA聯盟,不管是球隊老闆 、球團、教練、球員、裁判,有誰會想要助長"林來瘋"的再現?

說實話,像書豪這種溫良恭儉讓的好品格,根本不適合這個現實唯利的環境,所以他在NBA走得辛苦坎坷,得不到"應該"有的一切公平待遇。 畫豪在六年内除去傷了兩個赛季,待了兩個擺爛重建的隊,帶著一些菜鳥或是欠缺天賦的隊友練兵,這様地譲他不能施展身手實現抱負就熬成了"老將"!所以在2/7被交易的希望煙消雲散以後,我們陷入了可以説是錯愕的傷心情緖裡。 想當然書豪的失望更甚於我們,但是他還是需要抑制自己失落和尷尬的情緒繼續上場比賽。

年纪增長又受到了大傷,雖然書豪一直沒有放棄自己的堅持,但是,限制他發展的因素也一直没有改變,甚至變得更為不利於他,這是我們不想承認也必须去面對的事實! 後續的發展我們不得而知,我只是覺悟到,從今往後繼續支持愛䕶書豪之外,就要改變自己,不要有太多的期望,也不要指望理所應當的事會發生,否則,真是和自己過不去,太折磨人了啊!:tired_face:

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成績單三方面解讀都不差 預測林書豪未來新東家