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而且,只要把这几个队的 所进 和 所出 列出来,就可以发现非常合理


这是桃树篮筐难得一见的技术文,谈的是皮尔斯赛季初期比较成功的战术执行:Side-Line-Out-of-Bounce 边线发球进攻,出自对林比较友好的Jeff Siegel:

Examining the Atlanta Hawks SLOB offense



On average, a team has seven or eight sideline out of bounds opportunities per game. Whether it’s a timeout late in a game to push the ball into the frontcourt automatically or a floor foul, these possessions represent an appreciable percentage of a team’s chances.

Coaches spend significant time in practice going over their sidelines out-of-bounds (SLOB) plays to ensure their team is ready for these situations when they pop up throughout a game. Generally, a team has one or two base formations from which to work, though the actual actions based off these initial formations often develop throughout the year(s) a coach is in charge of a particular team. For example, Atlanta’s previous head coach, Mike Budenholzer, was famous for his diamond SLOB sets, an affinity for which he’s taken with him to Milwaukee.

With no history from which to draw, it was unclear just how much of the previously-installed offense Pierce would change. The Hawks still run a portion of Budenholzer’s playbook, if only because it provides a nice baseline and the veterans of the team are already accustomed to the actions. “One,” a quick ball reversal followed by a down screen for the initial ball handler, has been a staple of the Atlanta offense for years and has continued into the Pierce era. There are obviously differences in how the two coaches operate offensively, but Pierce certainly hasn’t thrown out the entire playbook in his first season.

Sideline out-of-bounds sets, on the other hand, are usually a place a new coach can overhaul each and every year and see good results. For the most part, Budenholzer ran the same stuff each year with small tweaks, but what we’ve seen so far from Pierce has been very dissimilar to Budenholzer’s old diamond system. Rather than involve all five players in the action, Pierce’s favorite SLOB play early in the 2018-19 season has been a quick three-man set that occasionally brings in a fourth, depending on personnel.

The base action is mostly the same each time — the inbounding player throws the ball to a big man near the elbow, then the point guard sets a back screen for the inbounder to cut to the basket. The point guard, after setting that screen, curls around the big man to receive a hand-off.
基本的行动每一次都是大致相同的 – 开球进场的球员把球扔给一个靠近肘区的大个子,然后控卫设一个后掩护,让开球者空切篮下。那位控卫,设了掩护后,会绕过大个子接手递手传球。


This basic two-step action has opened up a lot of different opportunities and options for Atlanta, who rank fourth in SLOB efficiency (through games on October 25), after a few years of ranking in the bottom half of the league under Budenholzer. Obviously, it’s been an extremely small sample so far this year, but the early success has been there for Lloyd Pierce’s men.



Author: Kevin L. Chouniard (@KLChouinard)
Posted: Oct 29, 2018

It’s about that time in an NBA season where it’s time to look at the accumulated stats from over the course of the young season. Trends are developing; some will hold over the long term and others will fade, but it is the right moment to begin to take a peek at what has happened to this point in the 2018-19 NBA regular season. The Hawks and their players have racked up some impressive numbers.
这差不多是NBA赛季那个时间,是时候看看初期赛季的累积数据了。趋势正在发展,有些会长期保留而其他的会消褪,但是现在是时候开始一瞥2018-19 NBA常规赛中发生的事情了。老鹰和他们的球员已经取得了一些令人印象深刻的数据。

Pace: New head coach Lloyd Pierce has emphasized a faster pace of play ever since he arrived in Atlanta, and his efforts are already paying dividends. The Hawks lead the NBA in pace – 108.6 possessions per 48 minutes.
速度:新任主教练劳埃德·皮尔斯自从抵达亚特兰大后就强调了更快的比赛节奏,他的努力已经带来了收获。老鹰队领先NBA - 每48分钟108.6次进攻。

Points per game and assists per game, rookies: Highlighted by a scintillating 35-point, 11-assist effort in a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Trae Young leads all rookies in points per game (19.8) and assists per game (6.8). It’s not new territory for Young; last season, he became the first NCAA player in Division I history to lead the nation in scoring and assists.

Three-point percentage, rookies: Among rookies with enough attempts to qualify for the NBA three-point percentage leaderboard, Omari Spellman ranks second (45.5 percent) and Kevin Huerter sits close behind in fifth place (41.7 percent).

Defensive rating, teams: The Hawks have been stingy to this point in the season. They currently rank seventh in defensive rating among the league’s 30 teams by yielding just 104.4 points per 100 possessions.

Steals per game: Don’t get sloppy with the ball around DeAndre’ Bembry. He will swipe it. In averaging 2.0 steals per game, Bembry currently sits tied in seventh place among the NBA’s steals leaders. He also holds 12th place on the three-point percentage leaderboard (53.8 percent).



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Atlanta Hawks (ATLHawks)

Roster update: We have assigned gaurd/forward Daniel Hamilton and transferred Jaylen Adams to Erie.


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“我们全新的老鹰训练设施实际上位于一个最先进的Emory运动医学中心内。” - 老鹰执行董事,运动表现和运动医学,乔希连恩。





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